Főnix-Múzsart Trade, Service and Education Ltd.

The Company

The company distributes CalcArt (MűvészMész), antique lime-based plasters and additional painting materials in a product-family, furthermore accessories via wholesalers and retailers. The plasters are for interior and exterior mural painting. Those can be applied artistically by the instruction and receipt of the artists.

CalcArt plasters have been developed by a Hungarian master of paintings and fresco’s together with an Italian painting manufacturer.

Besides distribution of CalcArt product-family(ies) and related accessories, Főnix- Múzsart will continue designing and constructing leading art solutions for interior and exterior walls of monuments, churches, institutions, commercial buildings, palaces, private estates and others. The company and its experts have more decades of experiences and reference works using the products and the technology in Hungary and in Europe.

The major goal is that the walls treated and decorated with the plasters, tints and pigments and with the accessories of Főnix-Múzsart CalcArt family(ies) must perform not an ordinary, but a unique, creative appearance with art effect in high quality. At the same time using our products made of natural raw materials we recover the health and breathing of the walls.

Bringing the products and the technology in the market, the company invites technical colleges, and life-long training centers, art and architecture academies to teach the technology up to the level of master of skill for painters, interior designers, experts and artists.