Főnix-Múzsart Trade, Service and Education Ltd.

Our Philosophy

One of our major goals is that the walls treated and decorated with our plasters, tints and pigments and with the accessories must perform not an ordinary, but unique, creative appearance with art effect in high quality. Beyond the presentation it is a key issue for the company that all painting materials used must be made of natural raw materials with no synthetics; furthermore, those must be environment friendly and durable, therefore sustainable.

The material and the technology must be available and affordable for all craftsmen and workshops. Technology and painting technique should be learnt and implemented in their daily practice, whereas, a painter, afterwards, is able and is free to create his own vision through a creative art solution in a dynamic sphere.

Treating a wall with CalcArt products makes a wall breath and clean from bacteria’s; the painted walls can be seen in a wide range of colours and its shadows from monochrome up to the strong colours, tones from pastel up to strong contrast, and from piano up to fortissimo. The essence of the philosophy is that all above must be interpreted and presented in a particular context of an individual, a place and a sphere and architecture etc. with an art approach.

In more generic, we want to achieve a transformation of sense and intelligence unconsciously that can be integrated in our society through those decorative art solutions in buildings.

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