Főnix-Múzsart Trade, Service and Education Ltd.

Construction & Renovation

You can get a breathing, decorative and artistic mural on any type of walls or surfaces such as brick, beton or glass etc. at a beneficial price.

You can apply our products and technology in all types of functional buildings such as appartments, offices or other public buildings, but also in restaurants, theaters, profan and sacral places, churches etc. You work with one of the most natural material, the lime, which had been used in the ancient times, and discovered again, today.

The lime, we use, goes through in a special process. It does not contain „lime-worms”, therefore it performs in the highest quality, ever, amongs the painting lime-products that are available at the market today. It is not sandy and crumbling, it shouws aeration and vapour transmission. The lime brought on walls becomes hard (retransfer to limestone) during the aging-, and chemical process. It reaches higher weather resistance than any other painting materials during the years and decades.

Apply to the artist’s recipe

„Take a coned inox trowel and use it as a palette. Put the already coloured CalcArt spatula on the trowel in such way, that the colours are separated a bit away of each other. You can put some white amongst and bring it on the face just like you do it with gips. After a short break treat the already painted face again, but now with a clean trowel, polish it and bind it. Use the colours just like flavours by a chef. Be the artist of your work: the effect, the colours will reflect your taste and creativity in the uncountable possibilities ...”

Consultation and Advice

We provide services of consultation and advice for its customer and consumers on product usage and technology in 24-hour personally, on phone or in internet.
We provide services of art and design consultation and advice for designers, architects and constructors per project with agreed and unique terms and condition.
Please contact us for terms and conditions.

Design and Construction
We provide services of art management, design, implementation and construction. If the project requires, We  will invite its partners* such as  architects, interior designers, artists of fresco’s, paintings, sculptors and visual art designers that are highly recognised experts, masters of fields and masters of other arts. In such cooperation our company is to guarantee long term client satisfaction and increase in market share. 

* See introduction of partners of Múzsart in Strategic Partners