Főnix-Múzsart Trade, Service and Education Ltd.


School of Collage

Szondi György Technical College Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Szent Imre Primary School and High School Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Pollack Mihály Technical College Pécs, Hungary

Bank and Government Institute

National painter, decorator and paperhanger trade association Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Town Hall, Assembly hall Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Town Hall, Stairwell  Balassagyarmat, Hungary


Vaticanian theatre- Istituto delle Maestre Pie Filippini Rome, Vatican
Teatro Grandinetti Lamezia Terme, Italy

Restaurant, hotel

Olasz Tészták Háza (Italian Pasta House) Budapest, Hungary
Re degli Amici Restaurant Rome, Italy
Gösser Panzio and Restaurant Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Hotel Caposuvero Gizzeria Lido, Italy
Enoteca Antica Rome, Italy

Appartment, residence

Villa Calabrese Lamezia Terme, Italy
Residenza Cesare Peruzzi Rome, Italy
Casa Roma Rome, Italy
Casa Lamezia Terme Lamezia Terme, Italy

Church and other institutes

Roman Catholic Church altar image   Szikszó, Hungary
Chapel, Balassagyarmat Penitentiary Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Vaticanian Church - Istituto delle Maestre Pie Filippini Rome, Vatican
Sacrofano Church Sacrofano, Italy
Szentháromság (Trinity) Church Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Modern church, Sliace Sliace, Slovakia
Modern church, Benesenová Benesenová, Slovakia
Modern church, Lomná Lomná, Slovakia
Roman Catholic Church Szanda, Hungary
Mindenszentek (All Saints) r.c. Church Ipolyvece, Hungary
Martirano Lombardo Church Martirano Lombardo, Italy
Nepomuki Saint John Church Ipolykeszi, Slovakia

The list contains some of our works as references. Please visit our photo galleries and ask for further references.

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