Főnix-Múzsart Trade, Service and Education Ltd.

Education – Training and courses

Főnix-Múzsart provides education, trainings and courses for craftsmen on CalcArt products and technology that are to be implemented

- in the basic painter educations and workshops in modules at the technical colleges,
- life-long trainings for craftsmen and masters,
- Self-studies with audio-visual tools such as CDs and DVDs

where the art education extends the ability of creativity, technology and skills of a painter.

The education contains elements of CalcArt and technology, antique and decor paintings, fresco painting technology and art history and general technology from basics up to master level.

The life-long training is for the already practicing painters who have ambition for art decor solutions or development up to master level. They can graduate at master of craft level (if and when, this master education must be accredited) or be specialised in fresco painting by training and education where Múzsart’s concept and technology is educated.

Education in module system at schools will be performed by dedicated professional teachers, docents or trainers, who will hold classes and courses in art and technology based on the common agreement on educative instruction, thematic and approach consulted with the company.

The students will perform as trainees in construction works of Múzsart, where they have an opportunity to learn direct from the artist.


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