Főnix-Múzsart Trade, Service and Education Ltd.

Our Products

Plasters and Paints:

CalcArt Spatola – for spatula
CalcArt Penello – for paint brush
CalcArt Intonachino - foundation
MuzsArt Color – master plaster for mural
Főnix Color
MuzsArt Kvarc
Főnix pigment, powder (in various colours)
Főnix Wax
MuzsArt Fix – acrylic foundation
Főnix Fraktál
Főnix Fraktál Rustico
Rostucco in polvere


Főnix Spatula
Főnix Knife
Főnix plastic sheet
Smacking tools
Sanding, rubbing sponge
Roll for structure
Sea sponge
Protecting gloves

You can download our product catalogue(pdf). You can place your order via our website or buy our products at our partner wholesalers or shops. If you have any question contact us: E-mail.

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